Gasrec utilise SAP Business One to manage multiple business processes
Gasrec choose SAP Business One &
ISB Global’s proven experience in the Green, Environmental & Fuel sectors as their implementation partner.

When it was time to move away from separate software applications Gasrec chose SAP Business One as a robust, scalable, fully integrated software solution.
Gasrec was formed in 2003 to develop a process for liquefaction of methane from landfill gas, anaerobic digestion and other stranded sources. In January 2007, following 5 years of technology development, construction began on its first plant at SITA’s Albury landfill site in Surrey.

The plant was commissioned in June 2008 with a capacity to produce approximately 4,300 tonnes of liquid biomethane per annum, equivalent to 5.2m litres of diesel.

This success marked a world first achievement and paved the way for Gasrec to develop into the leader in the gas fuel market.

In late 2012, Gasrec approached ISB Global as they required an integrated, scalable software solution that would streamline end to end business process.

The solution, SAP Business One, needed to manage projects and cost accounting, sales, purchasing, fuel production and logistics processes and importantly, was truly scalable, ready to extend a number of functions as Gasrec expects rapid growth.

SAP Business One also needed to incorporate fuel production, logistics planning and tanker certificates. While offering comprehensive project, cost and fixed asset accounting for an asset intensive operation.

So why did Gasrec choose, SAP and ISB Global? SAP Business One offered a cost effective, totally integrated and scalable solution. As well as covering finance and operational core processes, SAP Business One could also offer asset and plant maintenance, mobility and a comprehensive set of business intelligence tools.
ISB Global had proven experience of implementing SAP Business One in the Green, Environmental and Fuel business sectors.

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