control, and manage contracts more effectively with a cloud-based solution that can be implemented rapidly and starts delivering savings from day one.
No paper, no ink, just quicker execution, more savings, and stronger compliance.

Check out the powerful features of Ariba Contract Management in this short two-minute video.
Develop best-value agreements

Effective contract management is of critical importance to business success. Procurement contracts record the goods and services owed to a company. Sales contracts detail the commitments to customers and revenue expectations. While internal contracts describe agreements within the organization.

Yet many organizations continue to record contracts and paper documents with disconnected offline tools and no process standardization. The result is inefficient, costly, and long contract cycles that make monitoring and managing agreements difficult. Worse still, they result in a failure to realize negotiated savings and missed revenue opportunities.

Ariba Contract Management overcomes the problem by providing a single, easy to implement and use solution for the management of all procurement, sales, and internal contracts. Using it companies can eliminate paper and ink from the creation, execution, and management of contracts, and efficiently and effectively deliver best-value agreements.

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