Motivate and retain your top talent – and stop overpaying under-achievers
Motivate and retain your top talent – and stop overpaying under-achievers
SuccessFactors Compensation makes light work of aligning rewards and advancing your best people, creating a pay-for-performance culture that motivates talented staff and has a direct effect on your business success. It also enables you to see at a glance where your compensation budget is being misspent, while streamlining the complexity of compensation with multiple components.

eBook: Building your company’s performance culture - A guide to turning compensation management into a sustainable competitive advantage

Today’s marketplace is competitive. What ultimately counts is the bottom line and companies are constantly seeking ways to maintain a competitive edge. A huge challenge they face is the ability to attract and retain high-performing employees. Read this ebook to learn how Compensation Management is critical to recruiting and retaining top talent.

Brochure: Five ways to increase efficiencies with SuccessFactors Compensation

Gaining efficiencies is a top priority for HR professionals. But how can HR make compensation management more efficient when flexibility seems nonexistent? Follow these five recommendations to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of compensation management in your small to medium-size business.

Whitepaper: Pay, Performance, and Productivity - How to Use Compensation to Motivate and Make a Difference

How important is effective compensation management in terms of motivating your workforce? Plenty. Compensation has consistently remained one of the top five job-satisfaction factors considered most important to employees. At a time when budgets are tight, learn how to reward employees in ways that encourage high performance and ensure

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